Mentorships programs 

Amanda offers a number of one on one online mentorship programs to suit the individual.  Her mentorship clientele include everyday Mum's & Dads, business owners, high profiled executives, Hollywood celebrities and many more. Amanda's programs have been created with guidance from her spirit team, helping those searching for something greater in their life.  These programs have been described as life changing.
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Online Meeting

Journey back to joy-

This is Amanda's 8 week intensive program for those moving through grief and loss. This program is also for people feeling unfulfilled, who are searching for a sense of contentment in life. 'Journey back to joy' is as the name suggests, and has fast become favourite program among Amanda's mentorship clientele from all over the world.

This fully supported mentorship, with a practical 'how to' approach, is a game changer.

 It is interactive and will require ongoing participation with easy to do activities, specifically designed to assist you along this life changing journey.

Mentorship includes:

1hr Weekly video conference session. (At the beginning of the week)

Session program emailed weekly
1x Weekly Email check in
1x 10min Weekly phone check in. (Usually Fridays)


Intuitive Mastery- This is Amanda's 3 month program for for those wishing to develop their intuitive ability through private one on one coaching sessions. This is the A-Z of intuitive development, covering all you need to know, understand and develop your ability. Whether for personal use or for use in business, this mentorship is unlike anything on the market. Amanda has been teaching Intuitive development for over 18yrs and has mentored countless students through their spiritual journey. This mentorship requires daily commitment through meditation, journaling and regular practice of skills learned.


Mentorship includes:

1hr Weekly video conference session
1x Weekly Email check in
1x monthly 10min phone check (3 in total)

Detailed Course Booklet 

Sisterism- This amazing 8 week program is designed solely for women.
This is a journey into the deepest aspects of the feminine self, designed to bring out the true essence of the feminine from within. Discover what it means to be an intuitive spiritual woman in the 21st century. This mentorship covers, shadow work and inner child healing. Clear through linage programming and connect with your true soul blueprint.
A mentorship unlike any other, Sisterism teaches you to become the divine goddess your soul is destined to be.


Mentorship includes:

1hr Weekly video conference session. (At the start of the week)

Weekly session program
1x Weekly Email check in
1x 10min Weekly phone check in. (Usually Fridays)

Options for ongoing mentorship are also available, as well as payment plans. Please contact us to discuss options.

Please refer to the disclaimer before booking any session with Amanda and remember that her services should not in anyway ever replace advice from a financial, legal or healthcare professional.