intuitive services 


Have you had psychic, mediumship or paranormal experiences lately? 
Perhaps this is a life long issue and you simply don't know what to do about these experiences.
Amanda offers a special online
WISDOM CONSULTATION to help you understand what is happening and how you can start to regain some control over these experiences. 

These sessions are practical and with Amanda's 30 years of experience and abundant spiritual wisdom, you are sure to feel like you are in understanding and safe hands.

Sessions are via Skype
Cost $100  (30-45mins)

Options for ongoing intuitive mentorship programs are available following these

sessions and are tailored to each persons individual situation.

If Amanda feels your experiences are medically related and beyond her area of expertise, ethically she must refer you to a medical practitioner for a second opinion. Please refer to the disclaimer before booking any appointment.



Intuitive Readings 
$150 for 30mins

Amanda uses a combination of Clairvoyance, Mediumship, Tarot cards & Numerology during each session.

Due to Amanda's busy schedule she is only available for Phone & Skype readings at this stage.

Please refer to the disclaimer before booking any session with Amanda and remember that her services should not in anyway ever replace advice from a financial, legal or healthcare professional.

Reiki Treatment

 Energetic Healing 



Amanda is a natural medical medium and energetic healer. She has been working with people in this area for almost 30years.

Energetic healing works with the energetic field of the individual bringing a cleansing balance back to the client. Amanda works through the layers of the auric field and the chakra systems helping to clear blockages caused by mental, emotional and physical issues.
Our energetic body just like our physical body needs regular cleaning and maintenance, so Amanda offers a variety of healing options catered to each individual persons needs.


Session options

Revitalising Energy Healing $120
~This is a gentle & relaxing session, bringing balance to the Aura and chakras. A healing for general wellbeing and overall energetic body maintenance. (Approximately 30-40mins)

In depth Auric Healing and clearing $150
~These sessions are focused around clearing the auric body from impurities. Amanda works to clear Emotional, Physical & Mental traumas from within energetic layers. This session can also combine inner work from the client which can involve a meditative style inclusion to the session.

(Approximately 40-50mins)


Medical Medium consultation with healing $180
~These healing's combine a medical medium consultation at the start of the session with a full energy healing, bringing focus to the areas of concern. (Approximately 1hr)